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Lisa with eldest daughter Ella

I have great sadness in confirming that Lisa died in the early hours of Tuesday 8th April, 2008. She departed this world in a very peaceful and serene way, with her family at her bedside.

Words cannot express how much she was loved and how much she will be missed. She fought her fight with such courage, spirit and good grace, typifying the way she lived life.

Even to the very end she remained positive, raising that magic smile and making others laugh. Some of her last words to me were imploring us all to "be happy".

In the last few months we made sure that her influence and memories will burn long and bright. With all the notes that she has left for me(!), I am sure that I will never feel alone as our two lovely daughters blossom.

As at every stage along this journey, your thoughts, good wishes and all round help have given us huge strength. Thank you.


My darling Lisa, I will love you forever

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The Last Post

And so exactly a year has now passed by since Lisa moved onto a new circle of friends.

I don’t know about you, but for me this time has absolutely flown by. So much has happened – Ella started school. Amelia started to wee in a potty. We all met Father Christmas. It snowed. It snowed some more. Luton made it past ‘zero’ points. And we cried. A lot.

Some things haven’t changed though. The Co-op is still crap. Des Coleman is still very annoying. People still don’t indicate at roundabouts. (OK, these are all ‘Lisa’ annoyances, but I’m carrying them on!). One thing that is reassuringly constant, is the support and love I have felt from my family, friends and colleagues. More of the same please! Thank you.

This website has of course provided a means of communication that lots of people have enjoyed. As the subject of this post suggests however, I think now is an appropriate moment to put the lid on it. This will therefore be my last update – you will be able to post messages for the next 2 weeks, after which I will “freeze” the site. Its not going anywhere though…the words, pictures and videos that provide so many memories will stay forever, as a permanent reminder of those days.

Fear not web junkies though!!! I have been busy beavering away at a new website. It looks a bit similar but has a different focus and a different name. You’ll find a link on there to my ‘JustGiving’ page, now taking donations for my Great North Run. To see what its all about, you’ll just have to take a look!

That’s all folks,

Have a happy day,


Added by Simon, Ella & Amelia of Bakewell on 8th Apr 2009, 7:54AM.
A special day for a special lady


Its 28th Feb and of course what would have been Lisa's birthday. We've been up to Padley Gorge this morning and are back in the house for 10.30! Lisa would have been impressed at that!

Can't stay long on here as Ella has back to back birthday parties today..its just non-stop.

There are more pics on my facebook.

Happy Birthday babe.x

Added by Simon, Ella & Amelia of Bakewell / Padley Gorge on 28th Feb 2009, 11:04AM.
Lapland - part 2

Well I hope everyone had an elf-tastic Chrimbo and a splendid new year. Here's to 2009 eh?

As promised, I have now put together an audiovisual summary of our pre-xmas santa bothering trip.

As you would imagine, a magical time was had by all, not least Rachel(!), who was clearly more excited by the prospect of meeting Santa than the 2 small people.

Thanks once again to Rachel and Ross - I truly could not have done it on my own.

Anyway, here's some pics, with a video below them:

In yer face


Count to 10!


Snow joke




Wrap up well


Sisterly snow angels


Mummy's tree in Lapland


Daddy's best snowman yet..


Happy to sit on this Santa's knee




I really should be in bed now




Smile Ella!


Back in blighty now for Christmas day..and one or two presents.

Breakfast in bed!


And Merry Christmas to you too!


To absent friends. x

And finally, some video highlights. You might want to make a cuppa before you play it - the clip is around 13 minutes long.

Added by Simon of Bakewell on 9th Jan 2009, 10:03AM.
Santa does exist!!!

Well, we are just back from our trip to the Arctic Circle.

It was a bit nippy out, but much fun was had by all. I'll do a more comprehensive update when I can stay awake, but in the meantime, here's the photo that proves Santa is for real...And he's on his way to a chimney near you...NOW!!!

Merry Christmas everyone,

Simon, Ella & Amelia


Big feet, big beard...the Big Fella

Added by Simon, Ella & Amelia of Lapland on 24th Dec 2008, 10:17PM.
A tree for Lisa

And so another big day in a year of big days is nearly done. At least we were fully prepared for this one and for the most part it was a positive and celebratory occasion.

Remembrance Sunday saw us plant our tree for Lisa at local beauty spot Padley Gorge, ably assisted by spade wielding girlies. This is a spot that Lisa visited as a kid and was one of the first places she took me when we started out. It’s a stunning area to visit. We also scattered her ashes around the tree.

Big shout to Chris Millner of the Longshaw Estate who arranged all of this and was fantastic with the girls today.

Everything went perfectly and despite some glowering skies on arrival, the rain abated just on cue (and then returned as we left). I wonder who arranged that then?

The whole thing was extra special because all the above was something that Lisa and I had planned and agreed upon. I know she will be very happy in her new surroundings.

Many thanks to Robyn for helium balloon provision. Releasing that balloon with the girls and watching it drift away was laced with much inner meaning. A cathartic moment indeed.

I know lots of you will want to visit at some point - just give me a shout and I’ll give you precise directions. (Any excuse for doing a map!!)

Thoughts are now turning to the Christmas period – well, mainly trying to keep Ella’s xmas list under some sort of control! In an attempt to exit 2008 on a high, I have booked a holiday to Lapland for the girls and me, just to check out the big fella for real (and to guarantee some snow!) Somewhat perturbed by the adult to child ratio, I have invited Rachel and Ross along for the ride. They didn’t need much persuasion. Please note Ella does not know about this trip yet!

Finally, I will leave you with a few memories of today. Time passes at a fair old lick and I know that I will look back on this day as a significant moment along my journey.


Added by Simon of Bakewell on 9th Nov 2008, 10:32PM.
Wednesdays are the new Fridays

Eh up!

Well, as you may have gathered by the title of this post, the world of part time work has finally landed in my lap. And very nice it feels too.

Not even the those crazy puffin eating financial numpties from Iceland can dampen my enthusiasm for a few jars of Black Sheep tonight in Bakewells not so finest hostelry.

Plans for tomorrow include a twitch of the Glossy Ibis currently resident near Leeds and not a jot of housework. Naughty me!

Must not let this post go without a big shout out to Messrs Hollis and Perrigo for their fantastic achievment in completing the Great North Run on Sunday. Loads of dollar raised for Leukaemia Research. Nice one fellas. Hmm, maybe next year?

So, its hard to believe that its 6 months to the day that Lisa shuffled on to pastures new. The fact that this time has gone so quickly, only reinforces to me how precious time is, and how temporary all this living stuff really is.

On that bombshell, I would just like to wish everyone a very happy weekend :)

Added by Simon of Bakewell (soon to be the Peacock) on 8th Oct 2008, 8:24PM.
New beginnings...

It doesn't seem 5 minutes since the midwives at Calow were urging Lisa to "push, push, push"...

4 and a half years on, and that 9lb bundle of joy has today become a schoolgirl. Scary biscuits!

Everything went perfectly...of course Ella's main concern was looking good in her new uniform. I left her in the classroom comparing footwear with the other girls. What a lush! Take a look for yourselves..

Looking good

If starting school wasn't enough, Ella also had her first swimming lesson this afternoon. OK, she may have had more floats attached than...a very floaty thing...but there was a definite, kind of, swim thing going on. A very proud Daddy I am tonight.

Ella starting school was always going to be a "big" day, and yes, tears were shed. Things are moving on though, and I can see the confidence in Ella to experience new things, growing on a daily basis. She is certainly looking to follow her mummy's wish that we all grasp new opportunities as they come along.

I like Ella's philosophy all grab whats out there when you can, you may live to regret it. I know Lisa would approve, so come on peeps, lets live a little and "be happy".

Keep smiling

Added by Simon of Bakewell on 9th Sep 2008, 8:33PM.
Assistant pie eater required

As you may have read from the previous update, I am going part time at work soon. Just in case anyone who reads this, fancies becoming 40% of me, here is the job advert for Information Services Officer in this week's Peak Advertiser.

Click the image to see it full size.

Job Ad

The closing date is 29th August, and interviews will be held before 15th September. You can download an application pack from the Lady Manners website. Thanks are due to my bosses for the flexibility they have shown me.

Heavy consumption of cakes, biscuits and mince pies is compulsory.

Added by Simon of Bakewell on 7th Aug 2008, 10:48AM.
8 years on

Hi everyone,

Today has been poignant for me. We should have been celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary. Memories seem so much sharper on days like these. Even the weather is the same - warm and cloudy.

Don't worry though - I have honoured the occasion by cracking open a bottle of Chablis. It's a good one, but it cannot quite match the free offering we had every night of our stay in our Singapore hotel on honeymoon.

I still cannot believe how long it took Lisa to get down to the free bar in the evening! Most out of character.

When I think of our wedding day, one of the abiding memories I have is of Jenny, one of our bridesmaids getting "acquainted" with Ben, a friend of Lisa's brother. They have been together ever since, and just a few weeks ago tied the knot themselves. Lisa was going to do a reading at their wedding but of course this wasn't to be.

However, to see Ella boogeying away on the dancefloor without a care in the world was pure Lisa. It was as much as I could do to stop the traditional 'first dance' being a three man affair. Brilliant.

Jenny - you looked as gorgeous on your wedding day as you did on ours, way back amongst the big game at Woburn. Talking of gorgeous birds, you have kindly sent me some pics of Lisa on our wedding day. Here is Lisa in full on pampering mode in our bedroom in Aspley Guise on the morn of Saturday 22nd July 2000.

Get the slap on!

It was such a good time to have a wedding, as we knew our anniversary would also signal the start of the long summer hols that you teachers get. I'm looking forward to a bit of time off myself in the next few weeks.

I'm also looking forward to joining the ranks of the part-time workforce in the next few months. Working 5 days a week followed by child entertainment at the weekend was always going to be difficult. Monday to Wednesday should be much more agreeable. So, if any of you Excel geeks out there fancy being 40% of me at Lady Manners, the advert will be out soon.

OK, really better finish this before it's not 22nd July anymore!

Love from the Wilson 3 (including a nicely grazed chin for Amelia).


Added by Simon of Bakewell on 22nd Jul 2008, 10:17PM.
Ella in a chopper

Thanks to Lisa's participation in a Christmas raffle at hospital, Ella can now say she has had a ride in a helicopter.

The plan was for Lisa to accompany Ella on her maiden voyage, but of course, things didn't go our way. So, it was up to me to get strapped in for her maiden flight.

A great time was had by all - we even found room for Grandpa up front - although Amelia was a bit peeved to be left on terra firma!

I must give a massive thank you to Kuki Helicopters for giving us a free upgrade to the 4 seater helicopter and their wonderful all round service.

Anyhow, here are some brief highlights:

The flight was great fun ... and talking of fun, I am now 2 weeks into my return to work. It's actually going really well - I'm proof reading student reports at the moment, which is keeping me very busy.

Next Friday sees my return to the 5-a-side game after school. Not too sure about my fitness levels at the moment, but my red trainers are raring to go. Quite correctly, Lisa did ban me from wearing these anywhere but the Sports Hall, behind closed doors. Mid life crisis anyone?

Cheers for now,


Added by Simon of Bakewell on 15th Jun 2008, 8:40PM.
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